Emergency contacts

In an emergency initial contact should be made to emergency services (Police, Fire and Ambulance) -Phone  000

Secondary reports can be made to Harbour Control.

Phone +61 3 5225 3565
Mobile +61 429 300 031


The Port of Geelong (GeelongPort) is a security regulated port as set out in the Maritime Transport Security Act 2003 and its associated regulations.

A Port security officer has been appointed to the port of Geelong. Additional detail on port security is available through GeelongPort’s website. The port security officer can be contacted at:

  • Address – Corio Quay Rd, North Geelong
  • Mailing Address – PO Box 344, Geelong, Victoria 3220
  • Telephone – +61 3 5226 0312

Safety and Environment Management Plan

As part of the Port Management Act 1995, all Victorian port managers are responsible for preparing and certifying a Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP).

These plans help port managers, tenants, licensees and services providers to identify and manage potential hazards and risks that may affect a port and its surrounding areas.

The SEMP addresses the:

  • safety of people working within or visiting the port precinct
  • minimisation of disruption to port operations and the community
  • compliance with legislation, regulations and guidelines

Facilities and operations within a port will have their own Emergency Management Plans and their own responses to emergencies. These plans are supported by the port’s SEMP as developed by VRCA.

Find more information about SEMP: Port Management Act 

To read the executive summary of VRCA’s SEMP: 2019 SEMP Executive summary