As part of the wider Australian and international port community, the Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) takes a leadership role in the management of marine safety and security.


To achieve safer shipping for regional ports, VRCA provides:

  • shipping control in and out of the Ports of Geelong and Hastings
  • maintenance of navigation aids
  • dredging and maintenance of channels
  • management of the marine environment
  • coordination and advice to pilots, tugs, lines boats and other channel users
  • integrated planning, development, management and promotional activities under certain conditions.

A number of national and international policies underpin the safety and security management strategies of all port operators and service providers, including the VRCA. This ensures a coordinated approach to all issues of safety and security.

Find more information about these policies and frameworks on the following sites:

Maritime Safety Victoria is responsible for vessel design and construction standards, qualifications for vessel operators, marine pollution response and marine incident investigations. Find details on the Maritime Safety Victoria web site.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority provides services to Australia in maritime safety, aviation and marine search and rescue, and protection of the marine environment from ship sourced pollution. Find details on the Australian Maritime Safety Authority web site.

The National Marine Safety Committee is an intergovernmental committee that aims to achieve uniform marine safety legislation and practices throughout Australia. Find details on the National Marine Safety Committee web site.

Keep Clear of Big Ships

Safety is a priority, for both commercial vessels and for recreational users of the ports. VRCA’s Keep Clear of Big Ships campaign is raising awareness of how small boats and big ships can safely share the water.

Learn about your safety and responsibilities here.


The ports of Geelong and Hastings are security regulated ports as set out in the Maritime Transport Security Act 2003 and its associated regulations.

Operators or other stakeholders in the Port of Geelong or Hastings, as well as operators of Australian or foreign registered ships who are unsure of their obligations under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act (2003), should seek advice from the Office of Transport Security (OTS) at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.