Regional channels – a community asset

The VRCA, a regionally based authority, understands the challenges facing customers and stakeholders operating in regional ports, and their communities. It recognises that maintaining strong links within regional port communities is vital.

In Geelong, VRCA liaises directly with customers through a Channel User Group, Port Security Committee, Port Emergency Committee and Port Safety and Environmental Committee and through regular informal contact to ensure interests are heard, understood and acted upon.

The VRCA is also conscious that the channels under its control are community assets. The authority works closely with the City of Greater Geelong, recreational boating groups and other non-commercial channel users, to maintain safety and limit environmental risk.

The VRCA plays a strong role in ensuring Victoria’s regional ports operate safely, efficiently and are well equipped, so they can continue to deliver their vital contribution to the future growth of local and state economies.

The authority strives to meet the medium and long-term needs of ships and shipping in the regional commercial ports. It works with business, industry and local communities to plan for future challenges, so the ports can remain significant economic contributors for their communities and Victoria.

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