The shipping channels and berths need to be maintained at declared depths so that ships can enter the ports and load to their required capacity without risk.

Annual Surveys are conducted to check the depths.

The Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) manages the maintenance of shipping channels and approaches to the Port of Geelong and oversees the management of the channel of Portland and Hastings.

Channel Deepening Studies – Geotechnical

VRCA will be drilling 13 geotechnical boreholes in the port waters of the Port of Geelong for the recovery and laboratory testing of soil and rock samples. These will be focused on a basalt rock outcrop in the vicinity of Wilson Spit. The results from the investigations will corroborate and calibrate the results of previous geophysical surveys conducted by VRCA. This will assist in understanding the nature of the material and inform the assessment of future optimal channel configurations.

Consent has been given for the investigations through the Marine and Coastal Management Act 2018. Supporting document includes:

Community Consultation Plan – Geotechnic assessment – v 2.1 – 17.4.19

Environmental Management Plan – Geotechnic assessment – v 2 – 10.4.19

Risk assessment – Geotechnic assessment – v 2 – 10.4.19