The role of the Port Development Strategy for Geelong as defined by the Port Management Act, is to support the effective growth and development of the port of Geelong, taking into account the unique circumstances of the port and predicted trade and transport scenarios.

The 2018 Port Development Strategy identifies that Geelong’s port will continue to be Victoria’s premier dry bulk and bulk liquid hub, with trade volumes increasing significantly over the next 30 years. The port is in a unique position to capture this growth, given the inherent operating flexibility of its landside assets and its capacity to handle a significant increase in shipping traffic, without creating congestion issues.

To support the port’s development the key considerations identified in the strategy are:

  • Delivering a road network that incentivises higher productivity vehicles on a smaller number of better connected routes;
  • Ensuring shipping channels are of sufficient depth to meet the needs of major port users;
  • Promoting use of rail through enhancing and expanding the local rail network;
  • Securing land for future trade requirements;
  • Protecting port activities from land use encroachment in and around port environs.

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