Hundreds of high school students from the Geelong region and beyond took part in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge last week, as Victorian Regional Channels Authority celebrated 15 years as the major sponsor.

VRCA has sponsored the challenge since its Geelong inception in 2005, injecting almost $90,000 into the local community event which is designed to inspire our local innovators of the future and their appreciation of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

VRCA Chief Executive Officer, Michael Harvey said the Science and Engineering Challenge was an “exciting program which encouraged creativity, team work and problem solving”.

“For the port and the port users to remain as some of the most important drivers of Geelong’s prosperity, we need continued innovation and creativity,” he said.

“Science and engineering skills have a key role to play in making that happen and so we’ve been delighted to support this challenge every year, with the knowledge that it’s helping to excite the next generation that we hope will continue to build on the very strong legacy of the Port of Geelong.”

Mr Harvey said sponsorship of the challenge complemented VRCA’s education program which provides about 600 local students each year with the opportunity to visit the port and learn about how it operates and the role it plays in Geelong’s community and economy.