Do you ‘know the five’?

This summer, VRCA is joining water safety organisations across Victoria to help promote Transport Safety Victoria’s (TSV) ‘Prepare to survive – Know the five’ campaign.

The campaign draws on market research that has uncovered the top five behaviours that lead to incidents and fatalities on boats, kayaks and paddleboards each year.

“We know many boaters and paddlers understand the importance of checking the weather and wearing a lifejacket, but other behaviours such as practising to get back on your boat or kayak are less well known,” says Cameron Toy, Director of Maritime Safety at TSV.

With Victorian waterways expecting busier than usual summer boating season following coronavirus restrictions, it is important that water safety organisations are aligned in supporting the campaign.

“We know there will be more newcomers to boats and kayaks this year out on the water, which leads to a higher risk profile across state waterways.”

“Raising awareness of the campaign across the sector is important in reaching at-risk groups, so we’re delighted that VRCA is supporting us by spreading the word this year,” says Cameron.

Learn ‘the five’ and spread the word!

You might just help save a life this summer.